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Bob Mackie Luggage Reviews

Bob Mackie luggage can allow you travel in style. This luggage brand has been highly rated because of its reliability and ergonomic design.

A Few Words About the Producer

‘Bob Mackie’ is the name of one of the most famous American designers. He is world known for his vivid imagination and the fresh, bold and often futuristic way of combining fabrics and colors. Well, when it comes to Bob Mackie luggage, the objects that are created (the luggage items) have a more pronounced functional character: they have to be pretty easy to carry, but also aesthetic in the same time. In the following lines, you’ll get to read a short review of Bob Mackie bags, in order to see what to expect from this producer and how these products will fit you and your personal style.

Bob Mackie Brand Of Luggage - General Features

If we were to point out the general features of Bob Mackie products, we’d probably mention the design, the prices and the specific characteristics of the products under this brand.
As every piece of Bob Mackie luggage is created by a notorious fashion designer, all the potential customers can be sure that, by buying Bob Mackie brand of luggage, they get to own fashionable and highly aesthetical objects that can easily fit their wardrobe. Black is, naturally, among the most used colors, as it can be matched to almost every other color or nuance, either from a summer outfit or from a winter coat.
The Bob Mackie brand of luggage items has a robust design, yet they are pretty classy and, as you’ve read above, fashionable. The fabrics have a good quality (mostly variations of polyester) and you can be sure that your bag or wheeled suitcase won’t break in any important moment.

Popular Models of Bob Mackie Luggage

The Bob Mackie Wheeling Duffle Bag
This is one of the most sold Bob Mackie items. Its colors are black and red, and it is a 20”x12”x12” travel accessory. It is made of polyester (more exactly, 600 Denier Polyester) and it has many side pockets where you can classify the things you take with you in your trips. You can buy this model for about 40 dollars.

The Bob Mackie Expandable Set - a 3 piece set
This 3 piece expandable set, as a part of Bob Mackie luggage offer, costs about 150-160 dollars and it contains a tote, a toilet kit and a carry on cart. Its fabric is, as expected, polyester (the exact same fabric as in the previous case I’ve discussed above), and its color is black. The tote can be carried either by hand or by shoulder, and it is the median piece of the set when it comes to the dimensions, with the characteristic 18”x11”x6”. The larger piece is the carry on cart (20”x14”x9,5”). Overall, this set is suited for long trips, and you can rationally pack your bags using all the compartments and the other features provided by the set. This makes it one of the best carry on luggage.

Bob Mackie Collections

As expected, the Bob Mackie luggage offer can be seen as a series of collections available for you. The Bob Mackie collections refer to the different types of travel accessories produced by this designer, and inside every collection the products have different colors, nuances and fashionable details.
The Bob Mackie duffle bag collection
This series of Bob Mackie duffle bags contains various duffle bag models, on colors like black, red or brown. Most of them are wheeled, and as a price range detail, you can buy one for a price starting with 30 dollars. Their sizes recommend them for to 7 day trips, but the way you match them to your needs only depends on your habits when it comes to packing the bags.
The Bob Mackie luggage set collection
The luggage sets are to be seen as an overall cheaper alternative compared to the single product type of luggage. For example, in the case of Bob Mackie bags, the price for a 3 piece set is 150 dollars, and a 5 piece one is around 200 bucks. The colors used by the designer in producing the luggage sets are, as you might have guessed by now, red and black, and the fabric is polyester.

Should I Get Myself a Bob Mackie Piece of Luggage?

After reading this short review, you should know if these products are what you were looking for. Beside the determinations caused by your habits, your budget and your expectations, you can consider Bob Mackie luggage as a good option if you want to add new pieces to your travel accessories collection.

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